Automation best practices: Multiple links in automated tweets



Hey all!

I currently have a Twitter app that automatically posts tweets via the REST API in this format:

“Art, by artist: URL” + 1 media

I’m considering expanding upon this to include links to an artist’s print shop and digital shop when an artwork is available for sale (Gumroad, Society6, Inprnt, that sort of thing). As such, I’d have 1-3 links in any given tweet.

What I’m looking to find out is whether having multiple links in a tweet is something that Twitter’s automated anti-spam systems might have a problem with. I recall Andy Piper telling me in a previous topic (Question regarding rules of automated tweets with hashtags) they work to some degree on machine learning, so I doubt there are any concrete answers here, but I want to be as careful as I can with this if I go ahead with it.

I can’t see anything in the automation rules and best practices that specifically says anything about this, outside of “posting misleading links” and the rules on spam, but I thought it best to ask here anyway.