Automatic twits for political issues



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The same manipulation started again.

#EngelsizŞehirMersin hashtag will be trend topic in Turkey with random words

I’ve checked the source of the twits (i mean which app is twitting) with using end point. There is a source field in this endpoint - Twitter for iPhone - Twitter for iPhone

Please check the twit above. It’s currently exist with #EngelsizŞehirMersin hashtag and it will be deleted quickly

Rest of the twits in screenshot will be deleted too


Any of the twits in last screenshot does not exist anymore. They are all deleted and #EngelsizŞehirMersin is in TT list.

They are sending automatic twits


#AfVardaBedelliYokmu and “Murat Dalkılıç” trend topics are started with the same method.

Trend topics are being manipulated with this method


#EngelsizMersinDevWdu will Be trend topic in a few minutes in turkey is one of the twits which starts that tag and this will be delete in a few minutes

Please see the sceenshot


#ÇBankTosunFirarda will be trend topic in a few minutes with same method

Sample twit is and this will be deleted in a few minutes

Please see the screenshot


Any API response that returns a Status Object should have the source field, but this may not be helpful for you for reporting if the source is an extremely common one like Tweetdeck or iPhone / Android.

The best thing to do in this case is to report tweets attempting to manipulate trends as you find them, but also report the profile of the user - as well as blocking. Reporting the Tweet, Reporting & Blocking the user are all strong signals for the anti spam measures that should pick up this kind of spam in future.

Also consider sharing your blocklist with others


Hello @IgorBrigadir

Thank you for your answer but I have noticed that this automated system deletes the twits in 2 minutes because of this i can not report twits

Please see the screenshot , they have made it again after your reply

They are professional on making trend topic

FYI, making trend topic cost nearly 600$ . They made it over 10 times today (that number is what I have detected)


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