Automatic Retweets


I want to create a way for my firm’s Twitter account to identify and automatically retweet relevant tweets. I know that this is borderline “bot” creation and I was wondering if it would be allowed, and how I would be able to do it - my initial thought was through searching streaming tweets, but I know there is a fairly quick cut-off for how many tweets you can receive in that way per day.


Hi @asjchae,
Per our Automation Rules ( We discourage the automatic retweeting of other users based on a particular keyword and may suspend accounts that engage in this behavior, particularly if they are being frequently blocked and reported as spam.


What the general idea , u plan Some thing like


Can someone explain this rule to me? I understand that using the retweet end point not allowed. But my app that does a status update to RT the content of my list members is also being suspended. Unfortunately these are my tweets that get liked and retweeted the most, so I don’t believe that they are being blocked or considered spam. Are all forms of retweet via the api forbidden?