Automatic Retweets - Replace @username with #username


So is it against twttier rules to set up automatic retweets and replace the username with a hashtag?

So this tweet @username This is my really awesome tweet!

Retweeted Becomes “This is my really awesome tweet by #username

My concern is that while it is technically not a RT because the @username was removed. , would converting the username to a hastag be considered tweet theft?


A retweet will never remove or dissociate from the original @handle as it should use the correct retweet endpoint

What you are describing is not retweeting, it is posting a new and separate Tweet with copied but modified content. In general this would be a sign of low quality or even spammy content to our antispam and safety systems.


Thank you Andy, I have seen others doing this because too many automatic retweets are frowned up by twitter

I will make sure whatever we develop complies with all twitter rules. I am reading as much as possible.


That’s correct. We have mechanisms for reporting non-compliance with our API and automation policy, and appreciate the assistance in keeping both our developer and user ecosystems better places. Thank you for working with us to build in alignment with our platform!


Glad you guys are on top of it Andy, I see it is the same company that is imploring you directly on twitter to unsuspend their account from another app they had. on June 14th. I know some rules can be a challenge to follow but there are some great ones in place to keep twitter a social media platform and not just a broadcast platform. We are taking our time with our app development to ensure full compliance. :smile: