Automatic Retweet Bot


The twitter guidelines for bots are that automatically retweet are

“Automation of Retweets often leads to spam and other negative user experiences; therefore, Retweeting in a bulk or automated manner is prohibited. Automated Retweeting is permitted for apps or accounts that Twitter deems to provide a community benefit.”

My question is about the last line. I am working on an application that will track the environmental restoration of an area by crowdsourcing pictures on twitter with a particular hashtag. I want to make a bot that will automatically retweet posts made with this hashtag that include an image. The result will be a chronological timeline of pictures from this area.

Would this use likely be deemed a “community benefit”, or would it be in violation of twitter’s rules about retweet bots. Any guidance anyone could give me would be appreciated!


I should add that this hashtag will be specific to an area, with signage encouraging the public to post a picture with that hashtag


Just speculating but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have much of an issue since it sounds like there wouldn’t be a high volume of tweets. I’d maybe recommend logging the times of each retweet so that you can make sure it’s not happening too frequently.