Automatic Mention Retweet Program


Hello I would like the answer to this question and if it is not against twitter rules/law.

Are automatic retweet program against twitter ToS or the law?

The retweet program only retweets mentioned in the tweet (@username) and used to help users to share their tweets with a wider audience. the program will check every 1-10 minutes for any new tweets with mentions and retweet them.

This program will NOT check every second as it can cause problems on twitter API’s side or get the app temporary blocked. I am well aware of that.

heres a little example of what i’m trying to say:

  1. user has 10 followers and tweets out his “youtube video” and tags the auto-retweet account
  2. auto-retweet account has 10k followers
  3. auto-retweet account retweets the tweet and now instead of 10 followers (of the user), 10k followers now know about the video and this is helping him the user by sharing his video to a wider audience

Twitter States:
“Automation of Retweets often leads to spam and other negative user experiences; therefore, Retweeting in a bulk or automated manner is prohibited. Automated Retweeting is permitted for apps or accounts that Twitter deems to provide a community benefit.”

As this will help provide the community of some sort (blogging, makeup, designers, gamers etc…) would this still be against the twitter rules?



Sounds like a violation to me.


Saying “Sounds like a violation to me.” Doesn’t Help…

Could you collaborate on that instead of just throwing your opinion?

It’s for a good cause (helping a community) and it’s clearly not intended to cause harm or spam…


I would like a official response from either twitter staff or someone who has twitter authority.

I tried to put in a support ticket but this question does not have a suitable area to ask so I had to post here.


This is not a good idea and will quickly be caught by our antispam system. You should not mention and retweet users on an unwarranted or unsolicited manner. I strongly advise you not to spend effort trying to build such an application to avoid future frustration.


It seems as though you have misunderstood my question or i may have not said it clearly.

the program will not mention anyone, it will simply retweet anyone’s tweets it is being mentioned IN


The frequency of checking is not the point - generating noise and annoying content on the platform is against the spirit and letter of the automation rules, and the “be a good partner to Twitter” section of the developer policy. You’re technically welcome to build the app, but I’m unable to tell you legitimately that the antispam system would not detect unwanted behaviour. It uses adaptive algorithms to identify these issues.


Hi! Thank you for a official reply.

As i mentioned it will check the latest tweets IT has been mentioned via twitter API every 1-10 minutes in a calming manner and not abuse the system.

and the anti-spam system does not see it as a threat would it still be allowed?

thanks for replying


Ok, so if the auto-spam system does not see it as a unwanted behavior or detect mis-use does that mean its ok to use then?


I’ve explained the system as best I can. I don’t suggest you spend significant time on it. I’m unable to say whether the platform would write-restrict the application in the future.


Ok. so if the system does not detect it as a spam then its ok to use but what do you mean by “write-restrict” the program is not going to write anything, just retweet any tweets its found with its @ in it


In order to post a Tweet your app will need read/write permissions. That write permission can be withdrawn at any time if the app violates the policies.

I’m unable to enter into any further debate about this as I’m not the arbiter of how our safety and abuse systems behave. Thank you.