Automatic "liking" is not allowed. But what is?



I have created a script that liked select tweets from a particular region. My application was removed write privileges. I have read the automation rules and I now understand that Twitter doesn’t like automatic liking.

But what I wanted to do is to select tweets that interest me to be able to read them later. What alternative to alternative liking could you recommend? Is there an appropriate way to automate selecting tweets that may interest me so that I could read them (read as a person not a script) later?


You mention “tweets that interest you” but you’re automating this, so I can only assume you’re doing this on the basis of a search or filter - you’re free to like Tweets in a non-automated manner. Otherwise, why not save the Tweet IDs to a database for later retrieval?


The answer is very simple - if I mark the tweets with automatic likes I can easily read them on Twitter itself.
But if I save the tweet IDs to a database for later retrieval, I ill have to implement some kind of reader which seems like unnecessary work. That is probably the main reason why I wanted to use automatic likes as a means of selecting tweets for later reading.


Personally, I favourite Tweets as I browse my feed in the Twitter app or on the web, and then I have an IFTTT recipe which adds those into my Evernote. That’s a perfectly valid use case. Unfortunately the automation rules are not going to work for you in your example.


This sounds like a job for Collections

Any tweets you find interesting can get added to a temporary collection you can read back on Twitter later.

There are limits on the number of collections you can create, but adding / removing tweets is pretty liberal, and non intrusive - since notifications don’t get sent to tweet authors, so you can add and remove tweets in collections in bulk.

They look like this on twitter:


This sounds exactly like what I need! Thanks a lot, Igor! I will definitely look into Collections.


What about collections? Would it be allowed to automatically add tweets to a collection?
In this case how would I ask to lift write restrictions for my app?
Thank you!


You’re welcome to use the platform support forms to request that your app is enabled again. We don’t have any rules on automating collections at the moment.


Actually I have already used that form a couple of times - never got any reply from there.

Correct me if I am wrong, but right now there is no policy that restricts collections automation. So I can use another app to add tweets to a collection without having to wait for unblocking of the original app?


Yes, absolutely.