Automatic Following Policy?


I am developing an application and ran into a bit of a grey area policy-wise. When I make the user aware that by connecting their Twitter account to my app they will follow a specified user automatically afterwards, does that comply to the terms/policy?
Are there any explicit rules that I can follow to make my app 100% legitimate regarding this feature?


Would something like the following be required or is it not necessary?
Before you get presented with the Twitter Connect button a confirmation window opens that says ‘You will automatically follow [username] on Twitter. Do you wish to continue?’


Hi @itsIniX, Thanks for asking for clarification on this. You are permitted to allow your app to follow a specified account on behalf of users ONLY if the user has granted explicit permission. Simply authenticating into the app is not permission enough but the confirmation window you described above does suffice.

Per Twitter’s Developer Rules of the Road ( Get users’ permission before modifying their profile information or taking account actions (including following, unfollowing, and blocking) on their behalf.

Let me know if you need further clarification.