Automatic commenting by hashtag



Hi. I developed rhyme-generator that can be used for search rhymes to some word. And I developed twitter robot that search fresh tweets by hashtag (I used search by hashtag “rap” - it’s Russain translation, my rhyme generator only for Russain language for now). My robot select appropriate song line rhymed with tweet and post replay to tweet.
Is it illegal and violates some rules? Can I change something in my app behavior to prevent violation and subsequent app blocking?


If the bot is posting automated replies that were not requested by the original user who Tweeted (this is called unsolicited @mentions) then this is likely to be blocked by our antispam technology. Please read the automation rules and policy clarification.


Thanks for response! Does tweet text like “rhyme for a word foo” (but on Russian in my case) is a good mark to post automated reply?


The issue is whether you are including user @replies in the Tweet and whether they expected your app to send them. If you randomly respond to Tweets then the app is likely to be write-restricted, regardless of language.