Automatic Cards Whitelisting


Hi everyone!

Starting today, Twitter Cards will no longer require whitelisted approval through the validator. Our engineering team has been hard at work to enable this and we are excited to bring this to you to make implementation easier. The following Card types will be automatically enabled:

Updates to documentation will be updated accordingly.

What does this mean for my existing cards?

If you have existing whitelisted Twitter Cards, nothing will change for you.

If you have implemented Twitter Cards, but have not submitted for approval or have been rejected, your cards will automatically be enabled.

Twitter Player Cards will still require whitelist approval through the validator.

What does this mean for new cards?

If you are implementing Twitter Cards for the first time, all you need is the meta data in your website HTML as described in our documentation. Your Twitter Card will automatically be enabled.

If you have previously whitelisted a Twitter Card and are implementing a new type of Card, the new Card will not require whitelist approval. The new Card type will be automatically be enabled.

Please note: Twitter Player Cards will still require whitelist approval through the validator.

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