Automated tweets result in instant account suspension - How to prevent this?


Hello all,

We have just launched a new web app and are looking to inform Twitter users when someone replies to one of their questions through our app. We are doing this to get simple answers to simple questions, simply and ideally fast to Twitter users.

However, while testing out the Twitter API to do this the account in which we are replying from gets suspended after a one or two @replies. A reply may look like the following:

“Congratulations @username, your question made it onto Simply Yes, No? We’ll update you with answers when we have them. LINK_TO_QUESTION”


@username, someone answered “ANSWER” to your question. LINK_TO_ANSWERS”

Personally, I do not see this as SPAM as we are simply intending to help the end user get the answers they need. However, the API is evidently not liking our methods and thus I was wondering if:

  1. What we are doing is OK?
  2. There is a method to get such limitations disabled?

We intend to allow the end user to opt-out of these notifications by logging into the web app (quick and easy) and updating their settings (also quick and easy). We do not wish to irritate, but to help.

Any help would be appreciated.


Just a little bump as I’d like to get an idea of what can and cannot be achieved through the Twitter API.


See this support desk article for our automation guidelines:

@mentioning a user based on something they tweeted without there being a following relationship between the users is usually indistinguishable from spam.


mentioning a user it not distinguishable from spam if the user in question uses autoretweets and bots, yes. And that’s subject to suspension. But eveybody does. I get spam retweets every day…
You should reply to their tweets. Have them tweet to you first so you can reply? Would that make a dignificant difference for your website?