Automated Tweets / Replies question



I am working on a project that calls for a bot to post tweets on certain timed intervals. Beyond that though, the anticipation is that Twitter users will be responding to the tweets. We will want the bot to be able to respond to those tweets tagging the users.

In reviewing the Automated Twitter API guidelines, I am a little confused though & am hoping someone can help me out before development begins to be sure the app is complying with the rules & regulations.

First – is my app violating the automated replies and mentions if the other user initiates the conversation?

Second though is this – “Note: media or brands using auto-response campaigns must request approval from Twitter and may be subject to additional rules. Please reach out to your account or partner manager for assistance. If you do not have a partner manager but are interested in managed client services, contact us.”

When I click contact us, it takes me to an ad campaign management page which does not seem relevant to what I am looking for. Does anyone know how / what I am supposed to do from this point to get in touch with someone?


Interesting, as I was planning to built a Twitter bot to help with customer service queries / support issues using machine learning and natural language processing. Be interesting to see what the T&Cs are regarding this.


Click the “Help?” link in the banner - and fill out one of those forms i guess - sounds like this falls under “Account Eligibility & Policy”