Automated "Tweet to" feature



Is automated “Tweet to” feature permitted?

I’m working with a company that is using “Tweet to…” to inform a list of users about company news. Users that don’t want to get these tweets can ask to be removed from the list (or, in extreme cases, unfollow).

Right now this is done manually, and takes a lot of time. We’re thinking of developing an app to take care of this. The app would only be used internally within the company, and wouldn’t be published anywhere. The amount of tweets wouldn’t breach the tweet limit (scheduling would be implemented to prevent sending too much tweets in a short period of time)

Would an application (using REST API) with such behaviour be permitted?

Thank you


Take a look at the Automation Rules.

If the app is sending the same content to multiple (many) users via public Tweets it may get picked up by our automated antispam system which detects that kind of behaviour.


I read through the rules, but some terms there sound ambiguos, that’s why I’m writing here. Most cases are defined not by what is picked up by filters, but more like what is morally good to do or avoid doing.

In this case tweets aren’t spam, and at least some users that recieve them respond with a positive feedback. It’s just that sending them manually takes quite some time.

The tweets differ slightly - by what person is mentioned in them (@ handle). There are around 100-200 of them weekly.

It would be a snap to write a PHP script to send them through REST API, but we want to know if this won’t be picked up as spam and get our account suspended or something.


It is really difficult to say definitively - and as a fellow developer who looks to understand deterministic results I can appreciate how frustrating this response is. I would love for us to be able to draw more lines around this but the fact of the matter is that some of the systems are AI-learning based, so I cannot tell you here and now that an app wouldn’t be suspended for a particular pattern.

Totally understand that this is not a spam use case but the balance here is between automated defense systems and your situation, so sometimes that is a difficult line to draw.