Automated response notifications


I built @colorisebot which automatically responds to users who upload a photo and mention the bot in the tweet itself.

Many of our users are reporting not receiving responses from the bot but after investigation, we’ve realised our automated replies are not triggering notifications for users. Often, they are also hidden in reply threads and sometimes marked as “unavailable” when quoted.

We’ve had to reauthenticate the account a couple of times due to errors in our retry mechanism but we are not sure which regulations we are breaching in order to incur these restrictions. It’s somewhat infuriating since users think we didn’t send them a reply, and we also think our engagement rate would be much higher if notifications were being sent and the tweets were being displayed properly.

Any hints on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



I’m having the exact same problem. This is very frustrating, since what’s the point of having an API if messages you send through it are swallowed up and hidden? :-/

Can you let me know if you ever found a solution? I’d love to make some interactive AI routines for bots, but not if Twitter’s going to arbitratily ditch the responses!