Automated replies are not being notified to users, nor in reply thread



I am dabbling with Twitter’s API to build me a personal assistant. So I added a dummy feature in my bot. The feature is whenever someone mentions me (i.e. @sntshk), she replies with a custom message to the person who mentions me.

Here is a link to the code I am using.

I then tested if this works, so I told my friend to mention me (@sntshk), the bot responded with the message I composed, even mentioned my friend @amartyaboss. The problem is even if I am using in_reply_to_status_id_str, to reply to my friend in my bot, there is no reply being shown in the tweet thread started by my friend. See the below image for the understanding.

Whereas bot has already tweeted.

My problems are:

  1. Why is @amartyaboss not getting the bot’s reply notifications?
  2. Why is my bot’s tweet not appearing in @amartyaboss’s reply? Even if I used in_reply_to_status_id_str?


Use in_reply_to_status_id instead of in_reply_to_status_id_str.


Now the reply appears in my bot’s side…
But not in @amartyaboss’ side…

Both are tweets in same thread, and were expected to appear from each other’s profile. Also, @amartyaboss was not notified for the mention? Why? Because the tweet was generated by API?

Well the mention count in @amartyaboss’ tweet shows there is 1 reply to the thread, but the real reply never appears.