Automated processes that are allowed/suspendable?


We are ~complete with our web portal that is highly integrated with the Twitter API (New version). Our twitter account has been recently suspended and we are not sure why this has occurred. Our 2 possible thoughts are as such:

  1. We have ~3-4 automated tweets sent out by either our own twitter account or a new user’s twitter account (properly integrated via the API) regarding various things such as signing up, entering a contest, etc. Some of our test twitter accounts were not emailed verified when we were testing these processes so we figured maybe this was the issue that got us suspended.


  1. The automated tweets being sent out were all the same such as “I just signed up at Join me!” or “I just entered the contest on!”. So, within a period of 60 minutes, maybe 5-6 of the same phrase were being tweeted by different twitter accounts via our portal.

So while waiting for our unsuspension we went through and email verified every test twitter account and are in the process of trying to randomize the sent tweets from all accounts.

If anyone has any specific knowledge or if you are associated with twitter we would greatly appreciate some guidance. Our developer seems to think it was in part because of #1 above and not #2 but we are not 100% certain.