Automated Direct Messages for Service App




We’re building an application that would send status alerts from our Twitter account over Direct Messages, to people that subscribe to it.

The idea is that we’d like to provide people that are interested in receiving such alerts (e.g. traffic alerts) with the option to receiving said alerts as Direct Messages.

The Automation Rules and Best Practices article ( mentions that this is permitted, as long as there is express user consent.

I’m looking to finding out what is the best practice to obtaining the user’s express consent on receiving automated DMs, since authenticating into our Twitter app wouldn’t be sufficient as per the article.

To be clear: We entirely respect all the rules on Twitter, including general privacy related guidelines and best practices, and under no circumstances we intend to send DMs on behalf of our subscribed users. Only our Twitter account would send DMs to users that subscribe to our service with their twitter credentials.

Thank you.

L.E. to better explain our intention:
Many users enable notification alerts on their mobile Twitter application, for DMs only. We will also post public tweets with the status announcements, for our followers to view. However, some are interested in receiving these as DMs that would essentially trigger their notification alert on their phone. (Basically, using DMs as alert notifications on phones). Again, we’d only like to implement this with full respect to Twitter’s rules and guidelines, but we’d like more information on what is to be considered express user consent aside authorizing our Twitter app, in order for the mass DMs not to be flagged as spam, and/or the application to get suspended.


Hi @mpotra,

Much of what was discussed in this post will apply here, as well. I recommend you read this one in full.

Sounds like you understand the guidelines well. As mentioned in the post, the likely issue you will run into is rate limits and spam detection (since you will be sending the same message to many users). If your volume is low, you may have no issues and if the account is a major brand that is verified, you will also likely have no issue.

You can inquire about relaxing these limits here:

However, I will say the team that grants these type of elevations does not do so often. Other similar implementations you may have seen are usually internally sponsored (through an advertising relationship, etc). Additionally, DM integrations that are not “conversational” are also generally frowned upon (in some cases) even though guidelines permit them.

With that said, there will be developments around DM in the coming months that you will probably be very interested in, so stay tuned in here or to @TwitterDev.