Automate login to retrieve data



Is it possible to automate the login procedure of oAuth once I have built an app? I want to get back some data and save that initial data in a db and then update it once a day. Can I use my login details and automate the login process somehow, or do I have to manually click and authorise the app each time?



The act of obtaining an access token and using it to retrieve data are separate…

Once you’ve used your login credentials to retrieve an access token, you persist it in some way. It will stay valid until the user revokes it.

Then when you’re going to retrieve data, you use the access token you’ve already negotiated instead of re-negotiating it again and again and again.


Hi Taylor,

Thanks very much for the response. I’ll investigate this further and may ask some more questions in a bit.

Just stumbled accross this post by you which was also helpful -



Thanks for your help, this is working now. This was a big help too: