Auto-Twit contents instead of a link


My application proposes to publish(twit) small content directly instead of publishing link to that content.

For example, my collection of small joke will be listed on my site - you can come to my site, twitter-login and select the joke you want to twit. It gets twitted on your time-line as your joke.

Will this service violate any TOS - provided I stick to Max 1000 twits a day ?

Also please clarify if 1000 twits will be applicable to my user or entire site (application)?

Thanks much


Hi @nishashah88, Thanks for reaching out to confirm if your application is compliant with Twitter’s developer policies / agreement. I’m not able to determine if your app complies with policy with the information provided above, however, please feel free to reach out to Platform Operations at using the ‘I have an API policy question not covered by these points’ option and we can discuss in more detail. Please provide a link to log in if possible.