Auto tweet function for vendors using a multi vendor platform


Can anyone please help.

I’m looking for a way to integrate Twitter into my site.
The site is a multi vendor platform. Each vendor has their own admin.
I want to add a function in the vendors admin that allows vendors to sign into Twitter, and that an auto tweet is made each time they add a new product to their store via their admin.

The auto tweet should include the following:
: I’ve just added a new product to
: Product image.
: Link to product.
: #Main product category (in hashtags)
: #Sub category (in hashtags)

It has to be secure for the vendor, so that I don’t gain access to their Twitter account info.

I also want it so when a vendor signs up for this feature, a Twitter follow button is added to their individual vendor shop page.

Does anyone know of a pre existing solution?



Does anyone have a solution please?


Sorry for the delay. Without knowing much more, we do have code samples that might fit – specifically the autoreply/tweet ones.

That said, we do check for spam/unauthentic interactions, so I would warn about triggering spam limits/creating very un-compelling experiences. (IE, allowing the user to edit the tweet prior to sending would be a good thing.)



Thanks Rchoi,

I’ll check those out, and I’ll take your advise about allowing the vendor to edit the “I’ve just added a new product to” part.