Auto Tweet Account Restriction



Hi there,

We have a set of apps in the iOS AppStore and have created Twitter accounts that support these. They are sports apps and are for the 20 Premier League teams in England. Our backend server crawls a list of sites curated by us and puts the stories in to the apps.

We then thought that this data would make for a great Twitter account for each club, so that our users had a choice of how to receive the latest news from their club. We now auto tweet every story that we find for each club to their own account (examples of which are iEvertonNews and iVillaNews). Users are naturally interacting with the posts, sharing and commenting on them, and the follower base is naturally growing.

We do no auto following.

My question is why do the accounts keep being suspended for potential spam until I enter my mobile number? I can do that (and do) but I don’t have 20+ mobile numbers. Is there a way to keep let Twitter know that these accounts are all under one umbrella or do I have to keep going through the daily routine of unblocking 1 or 2?

Also is there anything above that may be in breach of policies etc?

Thanks in advance, Dan.