Auto re-tweet and auto replay for specific user accounts?


I want to know if automatic re-tweet & replay for specific user accounts is allowed or not ?

I read the rules from here:

“Automated retweeting of other users
We discourage the automatic retweeting of other users based on a particular keyword and may suspend accounts that engage in this behavior, particularly if they are being frequently blocked and reported as spam”

but this is different from my case, what I need is to retweet for specific users I know there IDs, the same for auto-replay, I will not use keyword searching at all, what I will do is to open stream to listening for 3 accounts for example then i will do auto-replay & and auto-retweet for the tweets.

is this allowed or not in twitter rules ?



any answer ?




This is discouraged but not necessarily forbidden. It may be difficult to do this and not be algorithmically considered spam though.