Auto posting to users twitter account


I have a rating web site.In that website while user registration, user will provide their twitter-id.What I need to do is when ever user post a comment that comment should show on his own twitter profile.

Ex : User X has commented about a pic of flower like beautiful flower, then in his twitter profile it should show like I have commented on the as beautiful flower

Can i do like that?

I have checked the one-to-one authentication using this method I can post the comment on my-website to my twitter profile. Here we need to give the authentication keys .

How can I do the same requirement to others twitter profile


We don’t encourage apps that auto-post on behalf of users (see our automation rules). However, if you explicitly ask for the user’s consent, you could do this. You’d need to implement sign-in with Twitter functionality, and then use the authenticating user’s token to do the update.


Thank you Andypiper for your valuable information.

Explicitly as user’s consent means … Do i need to ask them about the there API key,APi secret ,Acees Token,Access Token secret?.What you mean by authenticating user’s token…Is that same of that 4 keys .
Or you meant the tweetbutton option.Could you please explain me


I mean that the user must approve any Tweet that your app sends and be aware of it.

You can implement sign-in with Twitter which will enable you to get the token you need - the user will never see that.


Thank you Andy