Auto-expand photos always on for embedded timeline



Hi there,

Starting sometime in the last 24 hours, our embedded timeline has started auto expanding all photos, regardless of whether the option is turned on or off. This throws off our entire footer, so help would be appreciated.


Documentation for new embedded timeline / hide images
Widget still shows tweeted photos despite unchecking "auto expand photos"
Auto-expand photos always on for embedded timeline

Please update this soon. It is really important that I am able to remove the images from my timeline.


Yes, this is now the behaviour of the embedded timelines, per our announcement a week or so back.


so, just to clarify, you are saying that the option for users to turn off auto-expand has been removed?

if so, you may want to also remove the auto-expand check box in the twitter widget creation area under configuration options, as this is misleading.

Also, please consider restoring the option to turn off auto-expanding images. :slightly_smiling:



So now there is no option to not expand media? This doesn’t seem like an improvement. I like the new design, but taking away options feels like one step forward and two steps back.


I second that. I am making a website for university and just as I was beginning to finish it all off (I have had a tonne of work thrown at me and I’m super stressed) and now this update has changed my layout, I don’t even want it on. I like sharing funny pictures, but I don’t want people who aren’t interested to see them and I’m thinking about removing the widget entirely.

Because before it only showed 4 tweets and it auto adjusted, it looked nice being on the side of the webpage. Now however, I cannot tell how big it is going to be due to the pictures and I don’t want a scrollbar. Please give me some fix for this asap as I really want this to work :frowning:



This is a huge inconvenience for me as I also have a timeline in a footer of a site I’m developing and now the footer is nearly 2000px tall. Also, I’d like to say that 1 week of notice is not nearly enough time for a widget that is most likely deployed on many enterprise level sites. The business world does not move that fast.


Appreciate all the feedback on this. We do listen to feedback and will certainly have a think about what we could do to improve displays in future. However, Twitter is as much about media as it is about text now, and we took the decision that our displays need to reflect that and respect the content of the creator.

Thanks also for pointing out the inconsistency in the widget configurator, there’s an ongoing migration around how we manage widget configuration which you’ll see reflected in coming weeks.

We apologise for the inconvenience if you’d missed the announcement or have been unable to adapt to the revised displays.


I agree that respecting the creator is very important, however, with us as creators, surely this is the opposite as you are taking power away from people even if they’re the timeline they want to show. For instance I can retweet messages that I like, however, if there are any links or images or absolutely anything other than text then the tweets expand. That is great and all, however it means that now I am showing things I don’t think are as important - I’d rather show people a glance of my latest 4 tweets and if they’re interested they can look.

Think of it this way, if I tweet a picture, EVERYONE who visits my website is then forced to look at that picture even though I don’t want them to. Twitter is about media sure, but my website is about me and I don’t want pictures that don’t match the style of my site to appear unless the viewer wants to see it. I have 3 options - force people to see the images, remove the widget entirely or create a new twitter account where I don’t send any tweets that contain links or pictures :confused:


This is not something that should be forced on developers. Also, the widget panel currently provides the option to disable auto-expanding images in tweets. As with prior to the update, this should remain an option. This is highly deceptive and will force many developers to abandon the service.


This is very frustrating, and not accommodating good design at all. We are removing Twitter widgets from our sites.


I say if they want to continue with the new way that all feed images are going to be viewed by default, then twitter should enable us to write a bit of source code that should stop images showing images all together (which they stopped back in 2013). Either that or alot of people are going to stop putting twitter feeds in their sites.


I found a solution but it requires parsing the json that twitter provides.

Here is how to grab the json for your feed: twitterusername /timeline?count=3

replace “twitterusername” with your own and set the count to however many posts you want in the json.

edit: the count parameter doesn’t seem to be making any difference. still you can control how many you show in your code i suppose.

the next steps require some programming knowledge. there is a $5 app on codecanyon that does this just fine… just look up “no api twitter feed”


I am using it on my site if you want to see any example of how it can display (we tweaked the css a little, fyi)


Auto-expand photos option is still visible on the widget settings UI. What is the point of having this option if media is now the non-modifiable default?

Twitter should probably let it’s users control this behavior through a widget param or the UI switch not dictate that media be always there as lot of website layouts will be impacted in this way.


Are you guys kidding? How is removing a functionality an improvement?

We have a twitter feed that we own and run, and we do not want to auto-expand the images on our homepage. You’re change has made it impossible to use a twitter feed on our clean and simple design.

Listen to your community needs and reinstate this functionality.


You do realise that in doing this, you have effectively broken the layout of countless websites, including several that I’m responsible for here? For me, my only option is to remove the widget entirely as it is far too large.


Thank’s Twitter!
Not a very helpful update.
Have you actually tested this on an iPad mini??
Considering removing the feed completely from my website.


Thanks for sharing a workaround.

I’ll just caution that the URL you are using to retrieve a timeline in JSON format is not a supported API endpoint for external use, so we can’t offer any support for it and it may change or go away in the future.


We’re aware of this - it is not ideal, and we should remove it to reflect the fact that this is no longer possible. As I mentioned above, there are some additional work being carried out relating to how widget configuration is managed, and in the coming weeks this should all be reflected correctly.