Auto Accept Twitter Followers Requests



I have more than 2000+ follower requests. I want to approve them all. I thought the API would help, but apparently not. Is there some way to Auto Accept all follower requests at once with any script or extension? i need one please


This is not possible as there is no public API at the moment to accept follow requests.


@ePirat read my question i said it already man
im asking for a javascirt or something


Maybe a stupid question, but if you want to auto accept all follower requests, what’s the point in your account being protected at all?


I’ve read your question. Still as you posted in REST API Category and this forum is about the API and not about dirty Javascript hacks for the Twitter Website, I thought you wanted to use the API for that.
It might be possible to use some Javascript to get the job done but that is out of scope of this forums, as far as I am concerned. At least in the REST API category.