Authorize using oauth2 from chrome extension


Hi there,
I am trying to authorize to twitter using oauth2 as described on chrome developers but I was able to make it work, I tried to find samples here, on twitter or on the web but I found only references to oauth version 1.0.

Could anyone provides me a working sample code to authorize to twitter from a chrome extension?


The Twitter API only supports OAuth 1 for user authentication.


Authorizing to Twitter using a Browser Extension is not trivial, the major problem there is that you need to have the Application Tokens somewhere, if you just put them in your source code without any obfuscation anyone can access and use them for whatever they want.
Even if they are obfuscated, this is still a problem, as it is relatively easy to get them, given that JavaScript is not a compiled language.


Based on your replies, I try to do that with oauth 1.0 now. Thanks.


did you ever figure it out/ I am trying to make a chrome app. I want to have twitter sign in button using oauth but I am very lost