Authorize app using OAuth but without redirection


I am working on an app that allows users to send out tweets. I have already integrated the app with Twitter using the standard OAuth flow. So a user clicks on the authorize button, gets redirected to Twitter’s login page, enters his/her credentials, agree to authorize the app, and gets redirected back to the app.

However, I am looking for a seamless flow through which user can authorize the app, using OAuth, without getting redirected back and forth between Twitter and the app. So the flow would look roughly the same as previous except, login and app authorization should take within the app (without getting redirected to Twitter). Bear in mind that I dont want to store user credentials, I just want to authorize the app, to a user’s Twitter account, using OAuth without any redirections.
Any help is much appreciated.



The redirect is a mandatory part of the authentication process if the hosting operating system/technical environment is capable of it – you won’t be able to use a more seamless flow.