Authorization problem


Hi everyone,

I’ve been having some troubles while trying to connect to the Adds’ API. I’m trying to access it via TWURL and I’m getting this error:

Heres a pic of my application’s log:

Hope someone could help me. Thanks!

Can't connect to the Twitter Ads API

Have you requested access to the Ads API? Before you can make use of the Ads API, unlike the REST API, you need to request access.

Have a look at this page and follow the instructions to obtain access.


I think I have access to the API because it used to work and my account is not suspended. I don’t understand why I’m getting this error.
This is my app id: 2207491537
Do you need other information to help me?


Hello Andreas, met you @flight :smile:

Actually we’ve been authorized to have “Developer access” by Twitter Ads API team, how we proceed?

Please, we are waiting your response to continue our development process :smiley:

Thank you in advance, best,


I’m also having this issue: Trouble getting twurl utility working with Ads API

I do have access to the Ads API. Even if I didn’t have access, the error would be displaying the wrong error message and should be fixed.


Hello @andrs,

We are suposed to have the access, we have requested it and they have given it to us…

Our Owner App ID is 2207491537

Can you help us?




@flimperapp please open a separate thread for your issue. Thanks.

Closing. Duplicate thread. Please see forum guidelines for posting.