Authorization in new page, NOT pop-up, possible?


I want to create a tweet button, but need the authorization to happen in a new page and NOT a pop-up. Is this possible? Is it easy. Brand new to twitter API, actually any API. Any info is greatly appreciated!


It’s not possible with the Tweet Button directly, but if you use the Tweet Web Intent instead, you can control the flow: [node:183]


I discovered the Web Intents last night and thought that might solve my problem, but couldn’t find a way to “control the flow” to authorize in a new page. In fact the first line on the Web Intents page reads, “Web Intents provide popup-optimized flows…” The key word there being popup.


Is there something I’m missing?


If you don’t use the Javascript component of Web Intents and just build a plain A HREF link, navigating to it will be done through the currently active tab.


I see. I got it to work, but now solving one problem causes another. Without the Javascript component, I’m not sure how to redirect back to original page after tweet.


Forgot to thank you for reply.

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