Authentication without a web browser


Could anybody suggest a means to authenticate a user without having to opening a web page?
This is for a touch screen product that uses VB for backend stuff and flash as an interface.
We don’t really want to have to display a browser. I would prefer to be able to authenticate the user direct from flash to a php script of some sort.



What you’re asking for is an authentication method that Twitter got rid of quite a while back. For many very good reasons, Twitter wants to talk to the user directly before authorizing your application. You’re going to have to find a plan B.

You can, for example, ask users to go to a web site before running the app. That site can have them go through the web flow to authorize your application, and then store the access token & secret on your server. Your app, later, can get the saved token when it starts without having to go through the flow a second time.