Authentication failure after regenerating new Consumer Key



Hi there,
I requested for User email access permission , after that i regenerated newConsumer Key’s and Consumer Secre and as well Access Token and Access Token Secret…with those new credentials i am getting this Error
"401:Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect. Ensure that you have set valid consumer key/secret, access token/secret, and the system clock is in sync.
message - Could not authenticate you."
before it was working very fine…can i get any help to come out this


It looks like you’re using Twitter4J. Are you sure that you’re using the correct and regenerated keys in the Java code? Double-check the consumer key showing in, sometimes you may need to refresh the page to make sure the new one shows up after being regenerated.


yes, i am using Twitter4J, I cross check the credentials those are fine, still i am facing the same issue and i am trying to regenerate the Access Token and secret but didn’t found any changes, it still remains the old one it self…


Wait so you’re saying that the access token on is still the same as the old one? That sounds strange.


yes it happens, i am not able to generate the new one, but now my app was responding, still regeneration was not happening…only for access token