Authentication again and again



I have 2 apps. One is using authenticate and the other authorize - or in twitter4j getAuthorizationURL() & getAuthenticationURL() yet both force me to click the authorize button before redirecting to my app, regardless of if you’ve already authorised the app or not.

In twitter app management both apps settings are set as authorize and both have allow twitter signin. I’ve read about this issue on other posts and looked at the API to see the difference yet both are asking to authorise again and again.

This suddenly just started happening about a week ago or so TweetTweet - Zzzzz

Any points / help / advice would be fabulous.

Twitter App permission not honored on subsequent oauth/authenticate calls
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There was a change to the OAuth endpoints recently, discussed and tracked in this thread. Closing this in an effort to bring together all of the discussion in one thread. Thanks.