Authenticated requests from application server with iOS5


Been reading the documentation on ACAccounts, and how to integrate twitter SSO into your apps, but it is all client side. How would we go about getting access to a token that our application server can use to make authenticated requests on the users behalf like facebook SSO does?.


We cannot discuss iOS5-based integrations on this forum at this time. Once iOS5 has been released, you’re welcome to discuss iOS5 development here.


Okay to discuss now?


Yes, please shed some light one this. I’m sure many developers are wondering if this is possible!


Being able to flexibly handle auth across the iOS and central server chasm is an obvious need certain kinds of developers are going to have with this approach. We’re exploring a model that will support this use case but are not yet ready to announce it or the process by which you can obtain access. We’ll update this thread and tweet from @twitterapi when we’re ready to share more details on how to accomplish this.

Stay tuned! Thanks!


Any news on that? I would highly appreciate an updated API.


Hi @episod , any estimate on when the API will be ready for public consumption? we all surely eagerly waiting for implementing the feature. Please update us if possible


Any updates? iOS 5 released a month ago. Thanks


We’ll have a big update to iOS-related documentation, including information about this feature, within the next couple weeks.


Any estimates as to when this updated documentation will be made available?


Very soon – few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross.


OK. Read the twitter ios framework doc, but where is the doc for “Reverse Auth” ?


Still coming :slight_smile:


Page is up (and has been for a few days, sorry for not updating the thread):

See [node:2354] for all the info on reverse auth. Implementors need to ask for permission to utilize it in a similar way to requesting access to xAuth.


Awesome, thanks to the twitter team for getting this up.


how to get access token for twitter ios 5 ?
Could any one help me ?

check out the above url for Reverse Auth


Hi If User not login in twitter in iphone how to cal login page in setting page