Authenticate returns "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!"



I’m trying to use the GET oauth/authenticate method, but it returns a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” error. I’m getting an OAuth Request Token correctly, and then redirecting to[...] and the URL of the page that Twitter takes me to after signing in is[...]&oauth_verifier=[...]



Are you by any chance double-encoding the value of oauth_callback when getting your request token?


yes I have the same problem, could you tell me where I can remove this double-encoding


hello, i also have the same problem, can any body help us to resolve this problem please :slight_smile:


but i got this message on the URL =


Make sure you’re specifying a fully qualified URL for your oauth_callback value on the oauth/request_token step. You may be sending a URL fragment instead of an entire URL.


I have the same problem. It’s been working for about a year with no code changes and now all of the sudden it doesn’t work.


I was getting this issue, too.

I was encoding the value for oauth_callback in my authorization header, because that’s what the Example request tells you to do. Straight from the doc:


Remove the encoding in your header to fix the issue. E.g.



Edit: Actually, I’m using a library to handle the OAuth headers, so it’s quite possible that the value of oauth_callback was double-encoded (I encode it once, the library encodes it a second time), as kurrik mentioned. In which case the docs are correct as is :+1: