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I have recentely registered as twitter developer and I’ve been developing with a Python library using a (let’s call it @development_account) within a personal project.

I have achieved to publish tweets into my account, but now I want to get to output tweets to my organization twitter account (let’s call it @organization_account), and I don’t know how to do.

When I created the developer account with username @development_account I registered my @organization_account and when creating the app I added the @organization_account to the development team.

I can send tweets to my @development_account but I don’t know how to tweet to my @organization_account. How can I relate these two accounts and make the app send tweets to one or the other?

Also, I read the docs and got overwhelmed by all the authentication choices. What do I need for a bot app which shouldn’t ask for password or tokens? I want the bot to work without expirations. If someone could point me out the more suitable way for doing this, I would be grateful.

Thank you very much.


I just posted a response to a similar forum topic here:

You are going to need to use 3-legged oauth to authorize your app to post on behalf of another @handle.


I’m reading now.

Thank you very much.


I have read quickly and not in much detail, but I can’t see how can I choose another twitter account to tweet to.

Do I need to open another Twitter developer account for the production app?

Just in case, I’m reading in detail again now and testing within Python all the http API calls for learning how to work with the auth and everything.


Hi @pescandogangas. Did you manage to find the solution to your question?



I’m afraid not. I’ve been working in other things also, so I didn’t have any time for this. I will write again as soon as possible when I face this problem again.



You have a developer account with @handleA.
You want to post a Tweet to @handleB
To do this, you will have to use POST statuses/update.
This endpoint requires user context authorization, so you will need a consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access token secret.

Since your developer account and Twitter apps are owned by @handleA, you could post a Tweet to @handleA’s account by using the tokens that you pull from one of @handleA’s Twitter apps.

You can also post a Tweet to @handleB’s account by using the @handleA’s consumer key and consumer secret, but you are going to have to pull access tokens from @handleB by using the 3-legged oauth process.

Please let me know if that makes sense.


Appication not approved, re-apply/contact doesn't work?

Ok, sooner or later I’m looking at this. Does this mean that I will need to register @handleB as developer or the access tokens were available in somewhere else?

I can’t remember because there is a couple of weeks I’m not into the Twitter thing. I’m fixing now other things which are new priorities in the project, but I expect to come back to this soon.

Thank you, very very much anyway. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@handleB does not need to register.

When @handleB goes through the Sign in with Twitter flow, you will receive access tokens that you can use to make requests on behalf of @handleB. You can read about this in Step 3 on the 3-legged Oauth docs:

A successful response contains the oauth_token , oauth_token_secret parameters. The token and token secret should be stored and used for future authenticated requests to the Twitter API.


Thanks, @LeBraat. I’m looking into this soon. Probably next week because I’m busy this one and I will tell you how did this came up.


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