Audio Card Rejected Consecutively


To whom it may concern:

I have gone through numerous iterations trying to get my Audio card approved. For some reason, I am constantly being rejected for the same reason, “the URL you provided to use the audio card is inaccessible”. I have validated that the URL can be accessed from multiple machines. I have also validated that all URLs within my HTML page are accessible. I am not sure what is going on here. Please help.

The URL of my HTML page is .



Your stream URL prompts for a username and password, so it is inaccessible.



I just pushed a fix and will re-submit asap. Could you verify by attempting to access the .html page once again? It should all be working fine now. After my change, I tried from a few different clients and have yet to experience a username/password auth issue. Please let me know.



I don’t seem to get a username/pw prompt now, but I’m also not on the same team that tests the player cards, so I can’t promise that everything is as expected. It looks ok from here though.


Thanks Andy, much appreciated. I will await a response from the player card team as well.


@andypiper ,

Who can I reach out to for more details on more details around why the Audio Card is being rejected? I just received a notice that it was rejected once again due to accessibility issues. From my end, I cannot reproduce any accessibility issues. All of the test scenarios I have tried have been successful. I re-submitted this morning as well and again was rejected. Is there a separate communication channel which can be used specifically for this case? If I can work through this with someone directly involved in the approval process, that would be great.