Audio Card for Podcasts


I’d like to create an audio card like SoundCloud’s, but I can’t find any documentation other than what’s available for the basic player card, and all the implementations I’ve looked at (e.g. @WNYC and @overcastfm) open in the browser when I try to play a podcast in the Twitter Android app. Are there any examples of player card implementations that work in the Twitter mobile apps? If not, I’d like to know what it would take to get something like what SoundCloud has.


The capability shown by the SoundCloud card is a “partners”-only feature, supporting a handful of such partners.

I inquired about becoming such a partner when making my Card, and was told by Twitter that I would not even be considered and they weren’t planning to accept any new partners for these capabilities again.

It’s a shame, really — audio Cards are far more useful with the background-play functionality that SoundCloud is permitted to have. As a result of our regular Cards’ limited functionality in the mobile app (where everyone is browsing), it’s hard to justify ongoing development.


Thanks for the response, Marco (^_^)

That is a shame. If any creator or service should be considered as a partner I think Overcast should. So when Twitter said they “plan to make it available to more partners and creators,” I guess that was another empty promise made to developers.

I could have sworn SoundCloud sounds were able to play in the background, but when I tried to play a podcast on the Twitter Android app it just stopped when I put it in the background, and all the normal player cards (including Overcast, unfortunately) just open the players in Chrome. On iOS, tapping the play button doesn’t do anything at all. I think you’ve done everything right according to the documentation, but this makes me think cards have taken a back seat in favor of more ads or Periscope or whatever.

I’m curious - do you know if Overcast’s cards ever worked on mobile?