Audience Upload Failure



Hi guys.

I’m currently running through a series of test cases regarding manual uploads:
Manual upload ,unhashed: Processes for about 12 hours, shows about 5k recipients
Automatic upload, hashed: Process for 100+ hours, shows “too small”.
Manual upload, hashed: Process for about 24 hours, shows “too small”.

At this point (unless there is a bug with uploading hashed recipients) I’m suspecting a problem with our hashing algorithm - however Twitter validates the uploaded file as having correctly hashed email addresses upon manual upload.

This is our sanitization/hashing code:

$normalized_email = strtolower(trim($email, " \t\r\n\0\x0B."));
$hashed_email = hash("sha256",$normalized_email);

Here are a selection of results from this process (I’m not comfortable posting the source emails, but I can provide them via direct message/email, or the whole file):


Is there part of the hashing process I’m missing here? I’m totally at a loss as to how to continue working through this issue. I’m not seeing errors or anything now.


Hi @silverpop_ea! I use the same hashing algorithm, so I can confirm that that’s ok.
Are you using the v0 or v1 of the Ads API?
Please know that there are problems with the audience processing in Twitter, as I have seen from the other topics in this category.


We’re currently running v0, although I’m hoiping to run a test with v1 today or tomorrow.

I am aware that others have having several issues with audiences - I’m actually just posting since my direct contact at twitter instructed me that I could only have someone look at my issue by making a new post about my issue on here.

I’m certainly worried now though, since my manual uploads are showing “too small” as well.


Hello again @silverpop_ea,

There is a bug causing some audience uploads to fail and/or errantly report as “too small.” The bug is with the Tailored Audience product - so you may see it in both the API and with direct uploads.

This is a high-priority issue that our team is actively working on. I’ve linked this thread to the bug so the team is aware of your case. When there is an update, I’ll share it here. Thanks.


Thank you very much - I greatly appreciate it!

R. Hunter Harris


@silverpop_ea yw - can you confirm which handle/ads account you are uploading these lists to?



I’m having problems with TA lists uploaded to the following ads accounts:

These are for time sensitive campaigns targeting a conference that’s happening now and I wonder when this issue will be fixed?


Our ad account is ID 18ce53z8vuo



Thanks @silverpop_ea.

Hi @lkamitakahara - I don’t know when the bug will be resolved, the team is actively working on it.