Audience too small to expand reach by targeting similar users?


I uploaded an audience of about 1000 phone numbers, which matched with a small amount of users. I’d like to create an audience of users similar to my small list to target. When creating an ad, I checked off the box “Expand reach by targeting similar users.” however, I still cannot add my audience. What am I doing wrong?


Do you audience, afther maching, has more than 500 users?


I don’t see a number of users anywhere, it just says “audience is too small”. If it does have less than 500- is there still a way to expand reach to similar users?


I think if audience is “TOO SMALL” you can’t do anything with it.



Twitter does not work as I expected. With Facebook I have created a lot of lookalike audiences quickly, but here with twitter I have many Tailored Audiences, however I can not created any lookalike or expand reach by targeting similar users because all of my tailored audiences have the “processing” or “too small” status, so When those audienced will get READY???, and the Audience Manager… hmmm… It does not show me even the size of my audiences, I need to know how far my audiences are to get them READY.
So any of you guys got this solved??? Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


For those issues, please go ahead and submit request for support via so that the reports can be added to and compared to any that are coming from advertisers around the world (this forum is intended to primarily be for supporting development of Ads API applications). If you have tested and seen some audiences becoming usable, I doubt it is your code causing problems but the only other thing you can do is upload some audiences via either or ton_upload script ( and compare what happens…generally I expect them to all go into the same processing pipeline no matter where they are uploaded from so the only case you would see a difference is if your implementation has a bug.

I can say that this is treated as a top priority and team working to ensure that the pipeline of audience processing becomes more robust and even failsafe, but for the meantime please send specifically ‘too small’ type problems to Help team.