Audience stuck in Processing, Too Small




We are having an issue when transferring audiences over to twitter via the TON API, where the list is being created and successfully assigned to the audience, however it stays in a ‘processing’ state and the last updated date for the audience never changes from the created date.

This is happening for all uploads, would anyone know what could be causing this issue?

When we query the audience status, we receive the following:

Input file path: /ta_partner/725353879202848768/OassX7So_YVzS5e.txt
Tailored Audience Id: 1ydye
Tailored Audience State: PROCESSING
Change ID: 7aya7
Operation type: ADD

Our accountID is 18ce54bydc8. we have tried both resumable upload and single chunk upload and although we recieve the correct response, both have not updated in status or last updated time.





For this particular account, it seems to be still in “Onboarding” stage which means you have not finished setting up payment method and selecting which currency to be billed in. I think the fact that you can even create a draft campaign is a bug. If you cannot finish the rest of the onboarding steps feel free to reach out to Help? from and they should be able to fix it up.

I think that may be causing a problem with preparing the audiences, so I would recommend to test against another account that is definitely set up and ready to run campaigns if you have one available.





thank you very much for your advice!

We have entered card details which enabled us to build the audiences.

Also one of our errors was to terminate each line with \\n (as documentation mentions) instead of correct \n

The one problem, which we are experiencing now is that the match rate through the API is much higher (10 times) then through a flat file uploaded in the twitter web interface?

Is it something which should be expected?

I have uploaded a flat file of lowercase email addresses without spaces into this audience (around 170K unique emails):
Acount Id: 18ce54bydc8
Adudience id: 1yrih
Audience size: 6440

Then I have pushed exactly the same target (170K of lowercase hashed email addresses) through ton API:
Same account as above
Audience id: 1zknp
Audience size: 55208

Thank you very much for your help or any advice


The only thing I can think of is some kind of bug with the UI upload, I would recommend to try it once more (via Ads UI) and if it continues to repro you can file Support ticket from Ads UI which will go to that team for triage.




Hi John,

I have redeployed the same file and got the same numbers through API and the front end.

Thank you very much for your help