Attention please help! spoof email


Good afternoon ,Over a month ago I recived a email from what I believed to be a 3rd party website that i was a member of. which was not the case. I have tried to contact support and all i get is automatic generic emails. Ive had my account for over 3yrs i have 39k followers. They changed my user name from psychobeauty to psicobeauty and my email to the reason I know this is because they also tried to take over my mylikes account but i was able to log into my account and removed and change my info. I DID NOT!! give anyone my my password nor did i give my account to anyone.
I had a phone number connected to my account But i have since changed it. Its very frustrating and nerve racking trying to contact support for help. i would use my twitter account to make money. and i didnt earn 39k followers over night Please Help .


can someone please help me regain access to my account?!! this is soo frustrating and annoying


We can’t help with Twitter accounts here. @support is who you need to follow up with. I know it’s frustrating to navigate processes meant to scale for the size of Twitter’s userbase, but it’s the method you need to go down. is really the best way to report these issues.


ive filled out that form about a thousand times!! i feel hopeless like im never gonna get my account back , and a human never replies ive even tried mentioning @support. thanks for replying

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