Attempting to upload a video that succeeds on website but fails on Chunked Video API



Hi all,

Got another head scratcher here. I’ve got an MP4 video that uploads fine on native Twitter (via –

However, when we try to upload it (via the chunked media/upload endpoint) and send it as a media_id via the API, it fails, with the API firing back “media parameter is invalid”. I’ve tried both our own code and the code that @rchoi was kind enough to write on a post a while back @

As far as I can tell, the video meets all the specs expected of it, and the fact that native Twitter accepts it leads me to believe it’s not an encoding issue. Am I missing something? Thanks!



@grales Your video file is failing because it exceeds max allowed resolution. See for video specifications that we support.


Thanks @tushargj – the weird part is that it uploads fine via Does the native Twitter website automatically downscale videos?


@tushargj here’s a tweet with that same video that I posted via


@grales Yes. Twitter native clients downscale video. We are going to make that functionality available to everyone.

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