Attaching Photo


Must I be on to insert a photo in a tweet? Is there any other way for this to happen? Sometimes I want to tweet share a URL and add a photo in the process. Seems like all sharing buttons do not include this feature.



The Tweet Web Intent composer does not include a media uploader.

A shared URL with a Twitter Card may display an image specified by the twitter:image meta element value alongside the Tweet.


Thanks but why ‘MAY display an image’? I don’t believe I’ve seen that happen yet.



A Twitter Card may include an image component. An individual page may include a twitter:image meta element for use in that template component.

Twitter Cards are whitelisted by domain.

Example of a card display:


Yes, but my question is why, when twitter:image exists, is that image not showing in a tweet after sharing the Post/Page.


Have you passed the domain through the card validator and applied for whitelisting for the card type included on the page?


Yes, I whitelisted (although when I tried to do that for another domain last week, the ‘request approval’ link was missing).

Another thing I find puzzling is that when I attach a photo, sometimes it auto appears and other times I have to select ‘show photo’.