Attach a photo to a web intent



I have a website that I would like to include a suggested tweet at the end of the form. The tweet should have a message, account mention, and an image. Web intents gets me pretty close - but does not allow for me to provide a url for the media to be included w/the tweet.

Yes - I have seen this post.

I’m recommending that Twitter adds a media url parameter to the web intent. Facebook allows direct specification of which image to use. Pinterest obviously does. Respectfully, Twitter has some catching up to do here.

I should not need to capture the user’s credentials (oauth) nor should a user need to “authorize my app” for this capability. This is a simple request to allow media to be included with web intents.


I think there may already be a solution to this. Instead of trying to share the photo, I will share a custom URL, and with that URL I’ll just set the correct meta tags to show my image (Twitter Cards). I will probably just employ the large image card.

This also means I can scratch doing the web intents, and just give a URL to my user to share on Twitter for themselves.

I’ll be testing this in a few short days.