Asynchronous Analytics - what date range we need to get new report data each day (7 days ago til now or 30 days ago til now)

  • Currently, I use Asynchronous Analytics (GET stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id) to get the report data.
  • Everyday, I get data for 5 days ago to get new data. But after one month. I re-run get report data for last month, the report data was changed so much (ex: impressions, clicks, spend…)
  • I maybe must get more data for a longer date range every day. So, I want to ask you about the latest date that report data will never updated to set limit for date range I need to get new data.
  • I read document at best-practices but I still misunderstand two below sentences. What do they apply for?

Do not pull data for any entities older than 7 days.

Do not repeatedly query for data that is older than 30 days. This data will not change and should be stored locally.

Thank you very much.