Asynchronous analytics job~result was fail?what worry?



job id are “818347756565725184” and “818347755894669312” 。can give me some information?




I am also seeing a spike in the number of failed async stats requests in the last day or so.


@_documentor, @mikenaux: Yes, success rate was fluctuating around the time period you mentioned. That issue has since been resolved and success rate has been back to normal for about the past 24 hours. Thanks for reaching out!


What does the failed status mean?
Is it a problem with the request or a problem on the server?
Is it ok to retry immediately, or should we wait?


There will be some updates about async functionality in the coming weeks, for now please wait until the jobs you submit to the queue finish (by polling their status) instead of repeatedly queueing jobs. When the system is backed up you may experience periods where it is not possible to receive results from async for extended periods of time, but this is being worked on with very high priority so look out for updates from us soon.