Asynchronous analytics job creation fails due to “READONLY_CLIENT_APPLICATION”



I am receiving below error
Async Response…b’{“errors”:[{“code”:“READONLY_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“This client application does not have permission to make write requests”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}’

to check permission I made api call
and have received below response


The authenticated_user_access endpoint doesn’t have a relation with the READONLY for client app - that one is related to the App ID you are using to call the Ads API.

Would you mind posting your app ID so we can investigate the status? Did this work before and suddenly start happening?



Could you please post the exact request you are making when you receive this error? Please make sure that you are calling /1/ as we have put into place some changes to fully deprecate v0.

If you are calling /1/ and still seeing the error, we want to see the request you are making to understand if it is an issue or not.




we have solved this issue since then. I wish there was a way to delete it or close it ourselves


No problem, thanks for confirming…there are a couple other threads posting similar symptoms so if you want to share what you did to fix in those threads feel free to do so!