Asynchronous analytics job creation fails due to "READONLY_CLIENT_APPLICATION" error



We are migrating our application to use the new V1.0 API.
As some of our calls require segmentation we wanted to use the asynchronous jobs.
Our application is defined as read-only since we wanted our customers to give us only read-only permissions (to just retrieve data for them).
While we are making the following request we are getting and error message - ‘This client application does not have permission to make write requests’:

  1. Is that a bug or our application has to be changed to ask for write permissions?
  2. If we have to change to write permissions, would we be able to retrieve data using V0 of the API with old access token (that were created for the read-only application) until you sunset V0?


Asynchronous Analytics Data - Read & Write Permissions?

You need WRITE permission in order to make async job calls


@hector_borras thanks for the quick response.
We have upgraded our application to ask for “Read and write” permissions.
now we are getting the following error:
{u’errors’: [{u’code’: u’UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION’,
u’message’: u’The client application making this request does not have access to this API’}],
u’request’: {u’params’: {}}}

Our application had Ads API access already (we have been using Ads v0 for a while), so we know that it was whitelisted earlier.

What could be the reason?
Would you check that our application is still whitelisted after the permission change?


sorry, it is working now.