Asynchronous Analytics Data - Read & Write Permissions?



I’d like to use the async endpoint for analytics data requests. When hitting this endpoint, I receive a 403 error. This post (Asynchronous analytics job creation fails due to “READONLY_CLIENT_APPLICATION” error) leads me to believe I need writer permissions. My questions are:

  1. Do I need to go through the application process to change the app permissions to Read & Write?

  2. I don’t really want write access, is there any development planned on the API to open this endpoint to read only apps?

  3. Are there any pitfalls to watch out for when change the app permissions?




Can you post an example of the call you are making with twurl and the error message you get? It will help us to determine if this is a bug on our side or not.




Hi John,
Below is the URL I hit and the response content. I’ll take a look at twurl later this evening if it is still necessary given the URL. (I have xxx’ed out the account #.)

Response content:

‘{“errors”:[{“code”:“READONLY_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“This client application does not have permission to make write requests”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}’


Hey, just an update from our side - we identified an issue where POST to the jobs analytics endpoint was being incorrectly denied with 403 Forbidden for read-only App IDs. The fix for this should be released within the next day or two.


We expect this to be fixed now, and you should not need to request permissions unless you want to. The appropriate person to discuss that with is your contact from when you set up your Ads API access.

Generally READ-WRITE permission is all about optimizing campaigns and creative at scale and with efficiency, and a backbone of why we have an API, so there’s nothing stopping you from proposing a tool which needs WRITE access but it’s something you would need to discuss with the program manager contacts.