Asking Twitter employees to assist in getting Twitter developer account




My twitter developer account request was rejected, but I NEED the account so that I can complete an api automation course on Udemy. I NEED to finish it asap. There are other courses which unfortunately also use twitter for teaching. So, there is no way for me to avoid Twitter.

I have both friends and relatives who work at “influential” positions in Twitter. I would like to ask them to vouch for me so that I can get my developer account approved. Is this approach okay or do I have to just accept the rejection and leave my course incomplete ?


We are unable to assist you via these forums, and I would expect that your influential contacts would equally be unable to modify our review processes. We apologise if your application for API access was not able to be fulfilled.


I applied for a personal developer according to the application process and also filled in the core use cases, intentions or purposes for using the Twitter API. I also answered the questions asked, but the application always failed. I want to know the exact reason, because this is very important for us. We need to access the Twitter API. We will also abide by the developer privacy agreement. I hope you can give some help and guidance. Thank you


As I mentioned we are unable to discuss individual cases via the developer forums. Thank you. Closing this thread as there is no additional information that can be shared here.